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The diagnostic scientific committee has prepared a series of interactive programs that review the wide range of diagnostic parameters including morphology, histology, flow cytometry, cytogenetics and molecular genetics that will permit you to navigate from the premaligant state (CHIP,ICUS,CCUS) to low grade MDS, high grade MDS-MPN and Therapy related Myeloid Neoplasms. Log-in or register to gain access to the various programs and lectures.

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Diagnosis and Prognosis

This section provides you with in-depth training on specific scoring techniques and testing methods that would allow you to make a correct diagnosis and prognosis.


In this section you will learn more about the treatment and management of patients with MDS.

Patient Profiles

This section provides you with patient profile-based training covering the diagnostic value of each additional technique to an individual case.

La recherche comporte et comportera toujours une part importante d'activité créatrice. Pierre Joliot Curie. Research involves and will always involve a significant part of creative activity. French researcher Pierre Joliot Curie

– Dr. Sophia Park

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